• Trench Heat Pumps

  • If you have ???, gather energy from ????, heated by the sun and connected to a heat exchanger. This will provide a consistent amount of energy all year round, for hot water, heating and air conditioning.

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    Advantage bullet points

    Advantage bullet points

    Advantage bullet points

    Advantage bullet points

  • How it works

    Our sun warms the top layers of the ground around your home, creating a temperature difference, even in the very coldest areas of the UK.

    You can also use the ground, the air, trenches and boreholes to get energy from the ground. This difference enables you to use a heat pump to provide energy for your home, which you can use for heating, hot water, or air conditioning.

    We ??????.

    This gentle warmth passes through ????? providing a continuous collection of energy and uniform heat all year round.




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