• Horizontal Ground Source Heat Pumps

  • If you have space around your home, gather energy from the top layers of ground, heated by the sun and connected to a heat exchanger. This method provides a consistent amount of energy all year round, for hot water, heating and cooling.

    Works well on larger plots of land

    No deep drilling required

    Lower installation costs

    Mainly solar energy being collected

    Very low maintenance

  • How it works

    Our earth has natural heat inside it from solar energy striking the ground, ground water movement and the natural geothermal gradient of heat rising from deep within the Earth. This natural renewable heat can be used to create heat for your own home.

    A system of trenches are excavated in adjacent land such as a garden, field or paddocks. Typically, there would be between 2 and 8 trenches typically between 1.2 and 1.8 m in depth depending on the energy loads of the building, ground conditions and the available space. The trenches can be anything between 25 and 125 m in length, depending on the space available, the energy loads and the ground conditions.

    Pipes are installed into each trench in a pattern dictated by the design and this could be between 2 and 6 pipes per trench or a slinky arrangement. The trenches are backfilled over the pipes and the area graded. The pipes in each trench allow water to flow along the trench and back again collecting energy. The trench pipework is connected by a manifold system which is connected to the heat pump, creating a closed system. The heat pump process is the same as for vertical borehole or closed systems in lakes or bodies of water. Fluid is circulated through the system and the difference in temperature between leaving and entering the heat pump, along with the refrigeration process, enables conversion into usable heat for the home.

    Horizontal Trenched GSHP's provide a consistent amount of energy all year round, for hot water, heating and cooling.




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