• Air Source Heat Pumps

  • Air Source

  • If you have little or no space around your home, gather energy from the air, heated by the sun using an ASHP. This will provide energy all year round, for hot water, heating and air conditioning.

    Takes up very little space

    Easy to install – no drilling or digging

    Lower installation costs

    Can be installed in multiples when more energy is required

    Low maintenance

  • How it works

    Our sun warms the air around your home, creating a temperature difference, even in the very coldest areas of the UK.

    This difference enables you to use a heat pump, to gather the energy you need for heating, hot water, or cooling.

    We install the ASHP outside your home and it gently draws air across refrigerant coils, warming the refrigerant inside. This energy is collected and compressed in the heat pump in the same way as a GSHP does, resulting in water temperatures which you can use in your home for heating and hot water.


  • Ground & Water Source Solutions

    Using the ground as an energy source

  • Air Source Solutions

    Using the ambient air as an energy source

  • Underfloor Heating Solutions

    Using space-saving underfloor systems

  • Solar Panel Solutions

    Capturing the energy of the sun